Antonietta Losito’s Childhood Home

childhood home
from a crack crawls
an icy wind

© Antonietta Losito (Italy)

So many horrendous events have taken place as of late, and this poem reflects such a blow to the heart. We are all used to seeing nurseries as a nest, a place of kindness and joy, of serene guidance towards balanced growth. Unfortunately, this is not the case and often a cold wind blows over them.

A haiku expressed with admirable simplicity and detachment, yet strong as an icy gust of wind in the face accentuated by the harsh repetition of the “cra” sound in line two that strikes sensitively after the fluidity of line one.

Margherita Petriccione (Italy)

It’s a strong haiku. Although there’s a subtle break on line 1 while reading it out loud because of the conjunction “from” followed after it on line 2, I also see this as a great one-liner due to the sound of the vowels “o” and “a” that’s more apparent in that form.

As for the content of the haiku, I picture poverty in very cold weather and a child possibly in a foster home, or even homeless, seeking shelter. It’s a poignant haiku that’s direct, which is not only a sketch of a particular scene as a sensory image, but one that can be felt physically and emotionally as well.

Fractled (USA)

There is a time in life when we look back into our past and reflect on deep experiences. These experiences leave a great impression on our lives, guide us in the later part of life, and help us to learn from them. Our childhood home is a very special place, where one collects a lot of memories that become a part of the subconscious. Irrespective of the type, childhood memories always remain close to one’s heart.

The author reflects very deeply on her childhood experiences that may sound traumatic but still fresh in her mind. The cracks are maybe those flaws of the past that influenced the life of the person profoundly and triggers unpleasant memories when she visits that place. Icy wind could be showing the sensitivity of childhood experiences that still haunt her mind. Metaphorically, perhaps a childhood home are memories, the crack is guilt conscious, and the icy wind represents broken thoughts.

Overall, I can see the conscious effort of the person to recall and understand the flaws that always take her back to the time when she faced a lot of pain. In terms of sound, the letter ‘c’ in this haiku shows the disturbance and interruption in one’s normal life cycle.

Hifsa Ashraf (Pakistan)

Did you enjoy this poem and commentary? Let us know in the comments section below.


© Skip Allen

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