Christina Sng’s Day Moon

day moon
everything seems

© Christina Sng (Singapore)
Prune Juice Issue 23

A day moon is always a magical sight. A fixture of the night, the most brilliant one, can still hang around in the day. A constant moon could have many symbolic meanings, such as enlightenment, constant inspiration, the integration of nature, romantic fervor, and more. But in this poem, it seems the poet wants to express wonder. Sometimes, we feel that everything is indeed possible, though it may come upon us inexplicably. Christina has captured one of these elusive moments.

A musical touch is given to the haiku with “m” and “s” sounds. It makes the idea behind the haiku more convincing. The simplicity of the haiku is admirable as well: only five words and no punctuation. There is a saying that you should make a haiku as simple as possible, without harming the reading of it. This haiku is a fine example of this concept. Also, though enjambment (cutting off a phrase in a line) is not often used in haiku, it is employed appropriately as a sense of surprise. An excellent haiku in feeling and technique.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)

What do you think or feel about this haiku? Let us know in the comments.


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