Eufemia Griffo’s Summer

in a soap bubble

© Eufemia Griffo (Italy)

A respected haiku aesthetic is the beauty in transience. I believe this haiku wonderfully demonstrates this aesthetic.

Soap bubbles definitely do not last long, if not for a few seconds. This speaks of the attentiveness of the poet and sharpness with which she was in the moment while writing this haiku. Even though the soap bubble is short-lived, it presents summer in all its glory. Being spherical and clear, a soap bubble can mirror the surrounding world in a comprehensive way.

Philosophically, this can speak volumes. It could mean that even if we have lived one moment in complete understanding, our life has been fulfilled. Another perspective could be that even the most momentary of things can have a deep significance in the lives of others. And yet another take on this imagery is that it represents ourselves: our lives are short, though the joy and bliss of life should be fully viewed.

Beyond philosophy, haiku are just what they are. This haiku could be simply about a bubble reflecting the summer day around it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Usually, if we overthink haiku, we are not seeing its truth. The deepest truth of any haiku is that it is, and that isness brings us into a state of pure awareness without thought.

Looking at sound, I enjoy how the letters “o” and “u” are used to create a sensation of roundness, like the bubble. The “s” sound makes it more musical and perhaps could be the sound of the water running in the bathtub.

Soap bubbles correctly add to the atmosphere of summer: playful, comforting, warm, though temporary. The two parts seem to work well together not only as imagery, but also as an atmosphere.

Though our lives are transient, let’s enjoy each moment of it. This is the essential message that seems to stem from this haiku.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)




3 thoughts on “Eufemia Griffo’s Summer

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