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Brendon Kent’s Snowflakes

our differences

© Brendon Kent (UK)

Failed Haiku, Modern Senryu, February, 2016

It is the juxtaposition of snow and resolution of differences between two people, or maybe more, that strikes me. It seems that snowflakes, quiet and gentle, would be the result we need in settling our differences. There is so much conflict and destruction in the world today. This haiku is one of the most peaceful and soothing to read, especially after being in contact with the blare of sensationalist news that’s always in the palm of our hand.

Of course we can start asking questions or imagining new scenarios; one image that came to my mind was a snow globe setting between two people as they are at a table. Perhaps by the time the snow has settled, they too will have found a resolution to their problem. All is silent, and all is at peace.

Was this an image that the poet saw? I think it could have been one among many. The use of “snowflakes” instead of “snow” seems to be the perfect choice of word for this scene. This careful choosing of words is the hallmark of a great haiku. This one certainly qualifies for that category and I thank Brendon for sharing with us.

Again, through examples of his work, he is our steady mentor and role model. All the haiku in this series are worth taking time to study and learn; taking time to settle and discover more insight into the art of words.

– Edwin Lomere (USA)



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