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Tiwago’s Petals

new petals
luring honey bees
a spider

© Tiwago (USA)

In this one, we get a good view at the workings of nature.

First the petals’ sweetness attracts honeybees and then for a surprise ending, the poet adds “a spider.”

We are left hanging in the space between the bees, petals, and spider.

We have to then visualize what will happen, but it seems clear to me that the spider is a jumper.

It’s a beautiful image that lets us create another beautiful image.

It is the truth of nature, once again asserting itself and then captured by a poet.

Perhaps the bee will escape. Or if it stings the spider, it too will die.

Thanks Tiwago for sharing a bit of spring drama.

This is where the haiku can be dramatic without drawing too much
attention; it is the minimal use of well-chosen words and placement that I like so much.

– Edwin Lomere (USA)



Meditator, writer, editor, musician.

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