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Laughing Waters’ Spiderweb

in her shoes
a spiderweb

© Laughing Waters (Italy)

Quite a multi layered haiku.What I mean by multi layered is that it can be read in at least two ways. First, we can read it as “doorstep in her shoes/spiderweb.” So, the shadow of the doorstep is in her shoe, kind of like it is wearing it, or the shadow of the place where everyone comes into the home is in the shoe, and that is being contrasted with a spiderweb, which inadvertently gets stuff stuck in it.

The second way we can read it is “doorstep/in her shoes a spiderweb.” Then, we have a mystery. Why do the shoes have a spiderweb in them? How long have the shoes been out there? Does that mean that something bad has happened to the owner of the shoes? A doorstep is a place where strangers and family alike come, and the person’s absence could signify death, and in joining the collective experience of the afterlife, being a part of nature, or being in heaven–whatever way you look at it.

Also, the image itself is interesting and captures one’s attention. In these moments, we can get lost in looking at what is happening in front of us and be in the moment, without thought.

The lack of punctuation makes this haiku more free and fun to read.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)



Meditator, writer, editor, musician.

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