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Lucky Triana’s Hat

a triangle hat
i search
my third side


words and image
© Lucky Triana (Indonesia)

A witty and introspective haiku.

Wordplay in haiku has a long tradition, and when it was the hokku as a part of renga (a long linked poem), it used much more wordplay. So, you could say this haiku tapped into an ancient tradition.

We have a literal interpretation, but the metaphorical one is more interesting to me. Usually, people say they have two sides, but what about a third side? I think the haiku reminds people about who they are beyond the flesh. People often forget their spiritual, metaphysical sides, getting lost in material life.

It’s nice when a haiku can draw us towards our true selves.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)



Meditator, writer, editor, musician.

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