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Lucky Triana’s Great Eggfly

midday heat
a great eggfly sips
my sweat

© Lucky Triana (Indonesia)

This haiku shows the classical compassion and even irrationality that is the essence of haiku. It also has a strong seasonal reference and a great sense of sound.

The poet is sweating, but the butterfly is taking away her sweat. Though this action is instinctual, there is a sense of compassion in it–which is a paradox that haiku often employs.

“Midday heat” is a common seasonal reference for summer, and summer is a relaxing and joyful time. The act of the butterfly taking away her sweat is an expression of this carefree atmosphere.

I enjoy the naming of this butterfly, as in haiku, giving exact details is often essential to creating meaning and mood.

The sound of “t” works to create the tension of the heat in “heat” “great” and “sweat.” The sweetness of the compassion can be seen through the “s” sounds: “sips” and “sweat.”

I wish I had been there to experience this. A pleasant haiku.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)



Meditator, writer, editor, musician.

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