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Marilyn Ward’s Shelter


Haiku is a lot about being objective, accurate, specific, and describing our senses. This is a good example of these qualities. Alan Summers, who is taking a break as a mentor, has often told others about being specific in haiku and how it can add layers and additional meaning to haiku. Marilyn is a true student of Alan. “granite fissures” and “coltsfoot” is right on the mark in terms of being specific.

She could have written:

sheltered from wind
in a hole in a rock
small leafy plant

…but as we see, not only does this lessen the beauty of the sound, it makes it harder for the reader to experience the moment that the haiku portrays. By saying it is granite, fissures, and coltsfoot, the poet gives a vivid picture of the haiku moment and allows us to immerse in the experience.

About the actual feeling of the haiku, I like how the haiku implies that nature has compassion in its seemingly random existence. The haiku is concise, well-paced, and focused.

– Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)



Meditator, writer, editor, musician.

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